Thursday, 21 January 2010

Standard size cupcakes design & ideas!



"Black & White"
"Raya Theme 2009"

"Marie the Cat"


"Nadiah's HSM"

"All for ALLY"
"Accountant's Birthday"

"Superhero Stuff"

''Ocean Blue''

"Thomas Edible Images"

"Happy Birthday BOSS"

"Hariz's Thomas"

"Clown-themed Celebration"
"I & L Engagement"

"Girls Only"

"Pooh & Friends"

"Red Alert"

"Father's Hobby"


''Soft Touch''


"Princess in Pairs"


"Ben10 Craze"

"Pretty 1st Birthday"

"A Traveller's Birthday"

"Muscial 2"
"A Biker's Birthday''

"FC Barcelona"
"Smarties on Swirlies"

"High Street"

"Cotton Candy"

"My Baby Favours"

"Newcastle United"

"MU for Shahrir"




"Barbie's Garden"

"Disney Princess" Edible Image

"Smiley Boss"

"Favourite Brands"

"My Rides"
"Coral Reef"

"Red Nest"
"Ben10, Dora & Hannah Montana" Mixed Edible''

"Little Einstein"

"Ainna's Butterflies"
"Ben 10 2009"

"All-Girl B'day"

" Valentine 2009"

"Barney" Edible Image
"Engagement Gift"

"Office Celebration"

"Take Off''
"Shark Infested"



"School Reunion"

''Lavender Dreams''

"Valentine 2009" Theme #2
"Ben10 & Barbie" Mixed Edibles

"Cute M.U."


"Christmas 2008"

"Grandpa Golf"

''Sofiya & Barbie"




"M.U. Jersey"
"Birthday Girls"

"ARSENAL" Edible Image

''Queen of Hearts 2''


This was a special order from Tunku Masera of Johor..Fondant flowers


"Grad Girl"
"Nature Walk"
"Lovely Valentine 2"

"Lots of Love..."

"Baby Boy!"

"Batman logo"

"Happy Graduation!"
"Fluttering Hearts"
"Musical 1"
"Transformer" Edible Images


"Manchester United"

"Sponge Bob''
"Queen of Hearts"


Myra's Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes
(RM2.50 each for min. order of 16 pcs)

"Mum's Flower Collection''

"Lady Love 1"

"Lady Love 2"

"Sweet Nature"

"Shades of Blue"

"Ice-cream in the Garden"



SleePy LyaNa said...

mine is the one with happy bday lyana =)

Ris said...

i hope u dont mind my asking,i am just learning to bake and would like to know what tip # do u use for the big and small rosettes?hope u'd share the knowledge =)

Myra's Cupcakes said...

Hi Ris!

For big roses, we use nozzle 35. Its very hard to find, took us months! Alternatively, you can use 34. As for the small one, I honestly don't remember the number and i'm not at home to check. But, its a similar tip pattern to 34 and 35, just smaller.

Hope the info helps.

Good luck with baking!

choclatetiramisu said...

if i want to oeder, and need u to delivery... and do you think that you can delivery it 4 me???

Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

We can deliver but only in KL and PJ. Delivery service availability depends on date, time and venue.

Anonymous said...

hI,I would like to know the price for the I&L engagement cupcakes(pink,25pcs) n the 'lady love 1' cupcakes.

Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

Hi Anonymous,

The design u r referring to is RM25.

Anonymous said...

hey,i would like to ask hows the price it i want to order a set of cupcakes of sixteen with basketball theme??thanks..

Anonymous said...


can you mix basketball theme and love theme as I want to give it to my fiancee for his birthday?



Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

Hi Rina,

Yes, u can request for mixed designs. If u wish to order, pls send us the order details via email k. TQ! :D

Wati & Izma

Raiha said...

i just want to ask you, do you have Anime theme for an example 'One Piece' for your cup cakes?
if you have, how much the price for this cupcakes theme?

Anonymous said...

hi myra. how can i know the prices n sizes of those cupcakes?

Anonymous said...


i was wondering if you could tell me how much are the transformers themed cupcakes.

please let me know as soon as possible.