Thursday, 21 January 2010

Muffin size & Myra's Round/square cakes

Big Cakes

1/2 adunan (app. 700g) = RM45, without strawberry/cherry RM40
1 adunan (app. 1.4kg) = RM75, without strawberry/cherry RM70
1 1/2 adunan (app. 2kg) = RM110, without strawberry/cherry RM100
  • Hand-written messages on the cake using buttercream icing is FREE
  • Hand-drawn simple flowers/designs using buttercream icing is FREE
  • Hand-drawn cartoons/difficul designs using buttercream icing is RM15
    For more info, contact us!

Muffin-sized Cupcakes

Muffin size cupcakes: RM 3.3o each (minimum order is 12 pcs)

''Thomas the Tank Engine''

Muffin size with packaging (butterfly box)

"Wedding Favours"

Munchkin size cupcakes- UPDATED!


''CNY theme 2010"

"Fauzan Anas Aqiqah"

"Shiela's Graduation"

"Trio's Birthday"
"Kaira's Aqiqah"

"Lewis' 1st Birthday"
"All The Best to the Band!"

"Zara's Aqiqah"


"Aydan's Barney Birthday"

"Girls & Boys"

"Cars, Cars, Cars"

"Mothers Day theme 2009"

"Baby Face"

"April & May"

"Blue & Red Baby Shower"

"Micky Mouse & Minnie Mouse"
"Our New Home"

"Nigel's Full Moon"
"Skater Boy"

"Arsenal Student"

"Black & Red Affair"


''Pool Party''



"Que's Chelsea"


"Hello Kitty"


"Mum's Birthday"

''Victoria's Secret''

"Mini in a gift Box"

"Magenta & Blue"

''Rosettes in Pastel''
"Lollipops Birthday"

"Chic Birthday"

"Ganache & Flowers"

"The Florist''

''Ice-Cream gift''

''Farewell Cuppies''

''Raya 2008''


"Barney & Pooh"

''Friendly Treat''

"Hearts & Roses"

"Lemon Tree" in a fully-transparent Hantaran box

"Baby Girl"

"Teal Tales"

"Ultraman Extreme"


"L.O.V.E "
"N & H"


"Choc Frosting"

" Mini Ocean Blue"

"Fuschia Garden"


''Soft Touch''

''Happy Birthday Leanne''

''Special Someone''

"Azriel's Birthday"
"Formal Garden"