Thursday, 21 January 2010

Muffin size & Myra's Round/square cakes

Big Cakes

1/2 adunan (app. 700g) = RM45, without strawberry/cherry RM40
1 adunan (app. 1.4kg) = RM75, without strawberry/cherry RM70
1 1/2 adunan (app. 2kg) = RM110, without strawberry/cherry RM100
  • Hand-written messages on the cake using buttercream icing is FREE
  • Hand-drawn simple flowers/designs using buttercream icing is FREE
  • Hand-drawn cartoons/difficul designs using buttercream icing is RM15
    For more info, contact us!

Muffin-sized Cupcakes

Muffin size cupcakes: RM 3.3o each (minimum order is 12 pcs)

''Thomas the Tank Engine''

Muffin size with packaging (butterfly box)

"Wedding Favours"


Anonymous said...

hi myra..i'm a huge cuppies fan..n i nk tanya..those cuppies yg dlm individual packaging (butterfly box tu) how much ye per cuppy? i tgh survey utk my wedding next year :)

if i nak order u akan hantar or mcmana ek? i ddk area tropicana? what will the delivery charge be?

Myra's Cupcakes said...

hi there cuppies fan! the box itself is 50cents each...the biger the order...more discounts given...! we are base in Kelana Jaya so delivery will be approx could pikup as well at our house coz its not that email us for quotations, we'll be happy to give infos...

Zuryn said...

Hi myra..
i want to know how much is the cost if..let say i want to order 40pcs muffin size cupcakes in individual packing. i want to give it to my pupils when we have our class farewell party.they are year 1 pupils so i let you choose the flavour children like best..

Myra's Cupcakes said...

Hi Zuryn!

The muffin size cupcakes are RM3.30 per cupcake. We can only give discounts if the orders are in the hundreds. Individual casing cost 30sen per casing.

Email us if you would like to place an order k... :) Tq for browsing!