Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Our wedding/engagement cupcakes collection.

"Hantaran in Lilac & Turquoise"
"Pastel Choice"


"Four Petals"

"Garden Wedding"

"Lovely Roses"

"Lovely Roses" in various colours

"Single Rose" in Pink

"Single Rose" in Yellow

"Myrawedding #1"
"Myrawedding #2"



"Zura & Syuk"

''Jaja's client''

"Blue & Pink Wedding"

"Elfin Wedding"

"January 2009 Engagement"

"2009 Nikah #1"

"2009 Nikah #2"

''Red & White Hantaran''

"Lemon Tree Hantaran"



"Miss Suzana"
(Peach-coloured decor with ''English rose'' cuppies)

"Sweet July #1"
"Sweet July #2"

''Fara's Engagement"

''Kak Nor's Hantaran"

''Yellow Roses''
"Wedding Desserts"

''Bridal Wish''

"Siti's Hantaran"

"English Rose"
''Flower Wedding Collection''

"Floral Wedding Collection''

"Salina's Hantaran"

"Sakura Season"

Mini Cupcakes in special "clear/hard box packaging''
Call us for more info!

''Wedding Galore'

''Swirly Hearts''

"Flower Formality''
Myra's pretty hand-made rose fondant, comes in various colours!


Yan said...

hye can i ask u..
yg 'swirl heart' tu kan,
where did u get the pink love?
i hardly find it..
thank u for sharing ;)

Myra's Cupcakes said...

Hi Yan!

The heart is home-made, that's why u cant find them in the shops! ;D

Leo said...

Myra, how long can your cupcake last in room temperature? interested to order but x know whether it'll last for long distance travel or not? Will the icing melt easily? And also with the fondant deco on top, can i actually put the cupcake into the fridge? TQ

Myra's Cupcakes said...

Hi Leo,

Our cupcakes can last upto 3 days. However, it should not be exposed to heat. The icing won't melt easily but it may become 'wet' if the temperature is above room temperature. With or without fondant decor, you may put the cupcakes in the fridge for longer freshness :D

Leo said...

Myra, roughly what's the width and height of your mini/standard/ muffin size cupcakes? and pls let me know the box size for small/medium/big and super box. I'll use hand carry to travel, might not be convenient if the box size is too big.. TQ

FAZ said...

hi i would like to ask the price .can u email me?tq

Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

Hi faz..our email is myracupcakes@gmail.com...all details/price are in ''HOW TO ORDER' at the homepage..pls click, any enquiries do email/call us..tq!

Anonymous said...


boleh x sy dptkan harga cupcake dan minium dlm 1 box brape ?akak ade wat ke utk kek 2 tier cupcakes + cakes,kalo ade nk tahu harga?

tima kasih..boleh email sy mylove_hariff@yahoo.com