Thursday, 21 January 2010

Munchkin size cupcakes- UPDATED!


''CNY theme 2010"

"Fauzan Anas Aqiqah"

"Shiela's Graduation"

"Trio's Birthday"
"Kaira's Aqiqah"

"Lewis' 1st Birthday"
"All The Best to the Band!"

"Zara's Aqiqah"


"Aydan's Barney Birthday"

"Girls & Boys"

"Cars, Cars, Cars"

"Mothers Day theme 2009"

"Baby Face"

"April & May"

"Blue & Red Baby Shower"

"Micky Mouse & Minnie Mouse"
"Our New Home"

"Nigel's Full Moon"
"Skater Boy"

"Arsenal Student"

"Black & Red Affair"


''Pool Party''



"Que's Chelsea"


"Hello Kitty"


"Mum's Birthday"

''Victoria's Secret''

"Mini in a gift Box"

"Magenta & Blue"

''Rosettes in Pastel''
"Lollipops Birthday"

"Chic Birthday"

"Ganache & Flowers"

"The Florist''

''Ice-Cream gift''

''Farewell Cuppies''

''Raya 2008''


"Barney & Pooh"

''Friendly Treat''

"Hearts & Roses"

"Lemon Tree" in a fully-transparent Hantaran box

"Baby Girl"

"Teal Tales"

"Ultraman Extreme"


"L.O.V.E "
"N & H"


"Choc Frosting"

" Mini Ocean Blue"

"Fuschia Garden"


''Soft Touch''

''Happy Birthday Leanne''

''Special Someone''

"Azriel's Birthday"
"Formal Garden"


AqillahMusa~~ said...

awesome! mmg sedap!
mmg x rugi order!

Birthday gift for that "Special Someone"!

"Red & White"

are mine! (",)

elyina said...

salam myra,

if i nak order mini cupcakes for doorgift, which packaging is suitable? reply to my email

CHEW said...

Im interested to know d price of d cupcake for my wedding reception for abt 100++ guest. Please email me at Thanks.

Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

To All Customers,

We appreciate your interest in Myra's Cupcakes. But if you have any questions, pls send us an email. We will not initiate emails for quotations.

Thank you for your understanding.

Myra's Cupcakes

Fahariah said...

Hi, I loved your Vanilla cupcakes!! My guests all complimented on how "sedap and beautiful' the cupcakes are.. I will definitely be ordering more from you whenever we have occassions!

Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

Hi Fahariah! Thank u for the compliments. Glad u like them. It was a pleasure making them for u. Do order again k! :D


Hi izma, i suke sgt Vanilla cupcakes i terima!! Plus,everyones in my family adore dgn cupcakes u smlm..InsyaALLAH will order again soon..TQ

Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

Hi! Glad u and ur family like the cupcakes. We had fun making them for u! Do order again... TQ :D

Anonymous said...

Salam Myra,

Nak check quote/order utk 30th June
in square transparent box for about between 20-25 boxes (4 in a box) as farewell gift.
Self collection on 30th about noon.
Any suggestion on flavours/design?

reply to my email :


ivy said...

OMG!!! so so so so so delicious and beautiful cupcakes!!!! i loved it so much!!! i will definitely order cupcakes from u again.. thx so muchhh!!

Anonymous said...

dah dapat cuppies td..sangat sedap dan cantik... xsempat nak bwk balik kolej... hehehe..knfm i'll order from u next time.. neway tq...

Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

hi sabby..tq so much for ordering..apa2 email la ye..hope to hear from u soon!

Anonymous said...

Hye..actually i juz cant imagine how big or how small the cupcake is even u've stated the size in the page (e.g: 1 inch - can this size fix all those design????) so, here is just a suggestion. y dont u snap a pic of the cupcake together with a pen/pencil/ruler next to the cupcake. it just to show the comparison so that easier for us to decide either to choose the mini/std/large size cupcake before order.
thanx :D

Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

Hi Anonymous... U're the first ever commentator who cannot imagine what 1 inch looks like! Hehe :D

1 inch equals to appx. 2.5cm, dear... its a common and universal measurement. U can use a ruler. Alternatively, Google can do wonders too! Thanks for ur suggestion ;)

Anonymous said...


nk tanya kalau utk door gift 1000pcs bape ye?

email sy


Rina said...

Hye myra,

If i nak order and amik dekat your house or mane2 yang senang boleh x? Cz i duduk area pj jugak.

Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

Hi... all orders memang kena self collect at our houses in Kelana Jaya or Bandar Utama.

Myra's Cupcakes ,Kelana Jaya said...

Pls forward all quotation requests via email at TQ! :)